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The FTS Real Time System: Virtual Portfolio Simulation

Designed for today's markets, a state of the art educational simulation with built in analytics, data visualization tools, even an algorithmic trading capability. Our complete list of projects and exercises provides a tight integeration between theory and practice.

The FTS Interactive Markets: Trading with Price Discovery

Experience a fast-paced live trading floor, where orders are submitted, prices are negotiated, and everyone reacts in real time to the actions of others.

The FTS Modules: Building Analytical Depth

Includes the Financial Statement Analysis module, the Efficient Portfolio Module, and others covering interest rate risk, options, and futures.

FTS Display System: Digital Signage

A fully customizable display system with news, TV, financial market information, and beautiful informative charts. You can show local and world news, sports, entertainment, and business news.
It does not require any proprietary hardware.

  • Display on a large TV and/or computer monitors
  • Use in your finance lab or student/faculty lounge
  • Includes an integrated TV for live financial news

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